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A Class 2M laser is safe because of the blink reflex if not viewed through optical instruments. A Class 3R laser is considered safe if handled carefully, with restricted beam viewing.

For other wavelengths and for pulsed lasers, other limits apply. A Class 3B laser is hazardous if the eye is exposed directly, but diffuse reflections such as those from paper or other matte surfaces are not harmful.

Other limits apply to other wavelengths and to ultrashort pulsed lasers. Class-3B lasers must be equipped with a key switch and a safety interlock.

These lasers may ignite combustible materials, and thus may represent a fire risk. Most industrial, scientific, military, and medical lasers are in this category.

The international classification described in consensus standards such as IEC later IEC was based on the same concepts but presented with designations slightly different from the US classification.

This classification system is only slightly altered from the original system developed in the early s. It is still used by US laser product safety regulations.

The laser powers mentioned are typical values. Classification is also dependent on the wavelength and on whether the laser is pulsed or continuous.

For laser classes 1 to 4, see the section on the revised system above. Inherently safe; no possibility of eye damage. This can be either because of a low output power in which case eye damage is impossible even after hours of exposure , or due to an enclosure preventing user access to the laser beam during normal operation, such as in CD players or laser printers.

The blink reflex of the human eye aversion response will prevent eye damage, unless the person deliberately stares into the beam for an extended period.

This class includes only lasers that emit visible light. Some laser pointers are in this category.

Commercial laser scanners are in this subclass. Lasers in this class are mostly dangerous in combination with optical instruments which change the beam diameter or power density, though even without optical instrument enhancement direct contact with the eye for over two minutes may cause serious damage to the retina.

Beam power density may not exceed 2. Many laser sights for firearms and laser pointers commonly used for presentations are in this category.

Lasers in this class may cause damage if the beam enters the eye directly. A diffuse reflection is generally not hazardous but specular reflections can be just as dangerous as direct exposures.

Lasers at the high power end of this class may also present a fire hazard and can lightly burn skin. Diffuse reflections of the laser beam can be hazardous to skin or eye within the nominal hazard zone.

The nominal hazard zone is the area around a laser in which the applicable MPE is exceeded. Many industrial, scientific, military and medical lasers are in this category.

Many handheld lasers "laser pointers" at this output level are also now available in this category. Many scientists involved with lasers agree on the following guidelines: [21] [22] [23] [24] [25].

The use of eye protection when operating lasers of classes 3B and 4 in a manner that may result in eye exposure in excess of the MPE is required in the workplace by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Protective eyewear in the form of appropriately filtering optics can protect the eyes from the reflected or scattered laser light with a hazardous beam power, as well as from direct exposure to a laser beam.

Eyewear must be selected for the specific type of laser, to block or attenuate in the appropriate wavelength range. If the IR radiation is allowed into the beam, which happens in some green laser pointers, it will in general not be blocked by regular red or orange colored protective eyewear designed for pure green or already IR-filtered beam.

Special YAG laser and dual-frequency eyewear is available for work with frequency-doubled YAG and other IR lasers which have a visible beam, but it is more expensive, and IR-pumped green laser products do not always specify whether such extra protection is needed.

Eyewear is rated for optical density OD , which is the base logarithm of the attenuation factor by which the optical filter reduces beam power.

In addition to an optical density sufficient to reduce beam power to below the maximum permissible exposure see above , laser eyewear used where direct beam exposure is possible should be able to withstand a direct hit from the laser beam without breaking.

The protective specifications wavelengths and optical densities are usually printed on the goggles, generally near the top of the unit.

In the European Community, manufacturers are required by European standard EN to specify the maximum power rating rather than the optical density.

Interlocks are circuits that stop the laser beam if some condition is not met, such as if the laser casing or a room door is open. Some systems have electronics that automatically shut down the laser under other conditions.

For example, some fiber optic communication systems have circuits that automatically shut down transmission if a fiber is disconnected or broken. In many jurisdictions, organizations that operate lasers are required to appoint a laser safety officer LSO.

The LSO is responsible for ensuring that safety regulations are followed by all other workers in the organization. In the period from to , increasing attention has been paid to the risks posed by so-called laser pointers and laser pens.

Van Norren et al. Mainster et al. His eyesight fully recovered within two days, at the time of his eye exam.

An intravenous fundus fluorescein angiogram, a technique used by ophthalmologists to visualise the retina of the eye in fine detail, identified subtle discoloration of the fovea.

Thus, it appears that a brief 0. Even if injury occurs, most people will fully recover their vision. Further experienced discomforts than these may be psychological rather than physical.

With regard to green laser pointers the safe exposure time may be less, and with even higher powered lasers instant permanent damage should be expected.

These conclusions must be qualified with recent theoretical observations that certain prescription medications may interact with some wavelengths of laser light, causing increased sensitivity phototoxicity.

Beyond the question of physical injury to the eye from a laser pointer, several other undesirable effects are possible.

These include short-lived flash blindness if the beam is encountered in darkened surroundings, as when driving at night. This may result in momentary loss of vehicular control.

Lasers pointed at aircraft are a hazard to aviation. A police officer seeing a red dot on his chest may conclude that a sniper is targeting him and take aggressive action.

For these and similar reasons, the US Food and Drug Administration has advised that laser pointers are not toys and should not be used by minors except under the direct supervision of an adult.

Fibre optic laser safety is characterised by the fact that in normal operation the light beam is inaccessible, so something has to be unplugged or broken for it to become accessible.

The resultant exit beam is quite divergent, so eye safety is highly dependent on distance, and if a magnifying device is used.

However, there are a few significant exceptions. In this case, there is no eye aversion response. These can create a significant hazard if viewed incorrectly, particularly if they are abnormally high power.

High power optical amplifiers are used in long distance systems. They use internal pump lasers with power levels up to a few watts, which is a major hazard.

However these power levels are contained within the amplifier module. Any system employing typical optical connectors i. This tends to reduce the overall risk factor of such systems.

Optical microscopes and magnifying devices also present unique safety challenges. If any optical power is present, and a simple magnifying device is used to examine the fiber end, then the user is no longer protected by beam divergence, since the entire beam may be imaged onto the eye.

Therefore, simple magnifying devices should never be used in such situations. Optical connector inspection microscopes are available which incorporate blocking filters, thus greatly improving eye safety.

The most recent such design [35] also incorporates protection against red fault locating lasers. While most of the danger of lasers comes from the beam itself, there are certain non-beam hazards that are often associated with use of laser systems.

This, coupled with high pressure water for cooling the laser and other associated electrical equipment, can create a greater hazard than the laser beam itself.

Optical tables, lasers, and other equipment should be well grounded. Enclosure interlocks should be respected and special precautions taken during troubleshooting.

In addition to the electrical hazards, lasers may create chemical, mechanical, and other hazards specific to particular installations. Chemical hazards may include materials intrinsic to the laser, such as beryllium oxide in argon ion laser tubes, halogens in excimer lasers, organic dyes dissolved in toxic or flammable solvents in dye lasers, and heavy metal vapors and asbestos insulation in helium cadmium lasers.

They may also include materials released during laser processing, such as metal fumes from cutting or surface treatments of metals or the complex mix of decomposition products produced in the high energy plasma of a laser cutting plastics.

Mechanical hazards may include moving parts in vacuum and pressure pumps; implosion or explosion of flashlamps, plasma tubes, water jackets, and gas handling equipment.

In commercial laser systems, hazard mitigations such as the presence of fusible plugs , thermal interrupters , and pressure relief valves reduce the hazard of, for example, a steam explosion arising from an obstructed water cooling jacket.

Interlocks, shutters, and warning lights are often critical elements of modern commercial installations.

In older lasers, experimental and hobby systems, and those removed from other equipment OEM units special care must be taken to anticipate and reduce the consequences of misuse as well as various failure modes.

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Dig Assist - How to work with laser June 30, Some lasers are pulsed simply because they cannot Beste Spielothek in Thurmgut finden run in continuous mode. Namespaces File Discussion. Gas Spiele FГјr Tablet using many different gases have been built and used for many purposes. Gould won his first minor patent inyet it was not until that he Spiel 77 Statistik the first significant patent lawsuit victory, when a Federal judge ordered the U. Thus, it appears that a brief 0. For pulsed lasers and invisible wavelengths, other power limits apply. Gould's notes included possible applications for a laser, such as spectrometryinterferometryradarand nuclear fusion.

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